Frequently Asked Questions

Tackle Football

What league do we play in? 

Will be discussed at first practice 

What teams are in the league?

Will be discussed at first practice 

Where do we practice? 

We practice on turf fields at  the Jennifer Ross Complex on Sallie Mood Drive. 

What days do we practice? 

We will practice Tuesday, Thursday, and every other Saturday in the month of August. 

Where do we play our home games? 

We play our home games at Specialty Sports Complex, the address is 4625 Waters Ave. On the campus of Calvary Day School 

What is the Coastal Crusaders relationship with Calvary? 

The Crusaders organization is open to players regardless of what school they attend or their religious affiliation. The player make up is about 50/50 and the coaching staff is also mixed. It is important to note we benefit from the Calvary Day School relationship, from the use of their facilities, the support and guidance of their athletic staff, and from fiscal contributions. Most importantly the Coastal Crusaders unabashedly agrees with Calvary in their commitment to being a “Christ based organization” 

What days are the games? 

Games are played either on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Saturdays. 

How many games will we play? 

We will have two scrimmages, eight regular season games, and one bowl game. 

What is provided with the fee of $100.00? 

The fee includes helmet, game pants, game jersey, game socks, helmet decal, T-shirt, shorts, bowl game, team party, and game fees. 

What equipment will my player need to provide? 

Helmets will be provided.  Players are required to have their own  shoulder pads, and practice gear. The Crusaders do not hand out any equipment; however, we have accumulated loaner helmets, shoulder pads, cleats, and various practice pants. This will be provided upon payment of fees and on a first come first serve basis. 

Are there sponsorship opportunities? 

Yes, please our sponsorship page for details. 

How much playing time will my child get? 

The Coastal Crusaders recognizes that a child’s enjoyment of the game is directly related to their amount of playing time. It is the intent of the Crusaders for all players involved to get as much playing time as possible. However, it’s unrealistic to guarantee a number of snaps or game time. The commitment is each player on the team will have a starting position; the starting position may be on either the offensive or defensive side of the ball. A player’s time on the field may be reduced based on player safety decisions, as well their commitment to the team. 

What age divisions are there for tackle? 

The Crusaders will play in three age divisions. The divisions are 8U, 10U, and 12U. The age control date is August 1st. For example if a player’s birthday is July 31, 2007 he will play 10U. 

Will there be multiple teams per age division? 

This will be based on the number of players per division. We will cap the roster size at approximately 19 players. If there is more than one team per age division the team will be separated by skill and experience level.  

Is there a weight limit? 

There are weight requirements for each age group. If a player exceeds the control weight limit they must begin each play on the line of scrimmage with their hand in the dirt. The control weight for each age is as follows. 8U—106 lbs, 10U – 121 lbs, 12U – 141 lbs.  

Flag Football

What ages are available for flag football?

Flag football will be open to 5 and 6 year olds

Can girls play flag football?

Yes, it will be open to both boys and girls.

When will the season begin?

To be determined

What are the fees?

The fees are not determined yet buy will likely be around $35.00

Can my 6 year old play both tackle and flag?

No, but if the 6 year has not enjoyed the first couple of week in tackle he can switch to flag.

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